French translation of your communication media

Experience and expertise to update your french communication media

The french translation of your communication media is essential to successfully present  your company to your future french partners and  introduce your products and services in the best possible way to attract, convert and create customer loyalty.


The quality of its presentation, content and french translation will  attract new clients all over France. Synthetic, dynamic, fun, in professional french, it will help you stand out from competitors. 


Widely distributed to your potential customers and partners during commercial events, exhibitions,

conferences and meetings in France, its french translation

will be an asset for your company's image and will increase your chance to attract, seduce and convince new partners.

website in french

traduction anglaise
traduction anglaise

Real display case, your web site will act as a lever if translated into french. It will increase your company's referencing on the french market. Key to your success the french translation of your website is essential to present your company and offer to targeted internet users all over France.



traduction anglaise
traduction anglaise

When selling your products through e-commerce 

their presentation becomes

essential to reach a new target.

Their description in french 

will improve your visibility on the web and will contribute to improve your brand image and stand out from competitors.


traduction anglaise
traduction anglaise

Your best ally to share your  news with your clients and 

partners, and communicate 

on future action and 

development. A major asset for your company's image, the french translation of your newsletter will contribute to widen your target and strengthen your relationship with your clients in France.  

A taylor made offer

- Write, translate your communication media into french. 

- Update your web site in french

- Prepare your conferences, meetings, exhibitions, market research in professional french. 

-  Accompany your meetings with french partners. 


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Experience at your service

Brigitte du Teilleul

Franco-British, bilingual, 15 years  work experience, France and International : commercial, personal and administrative assistant, founder of private sale network, export business developer,  responsible for client, partner and institutional relationship,  international exhibition and market research organisation, french/english/french translator.

Many expatriations : Europe, Middle East, Asia. 


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