Taylor made offer to prepare your meetings in France

Taylor made offer in French

 translation  of all communication media into french


flexible resources

to suit your

agenda and your projects

preparation  in french to your conferences

representation of your company, meeting participation, clients follow up

exhibition organisation

Agility, flexibility, experience to serve your company


10 years experience France and export.

Expatriations in  Asia, Middle East, Europe.

Bilingual expertise for the development of your company. 


Flexible assignment 

to translate your communication media into french and prepare your meetings in France with future partners.


Taylor made status for better flexibility.

Wage earner or

service provider with invoice for each assignment.



Occasional  or regular service. You choose. the type of assignment according to your projects and actions to take through.

Experience at your service

Brigitte du Teilleul

Franco-British, bilingual, 15 years  work experience, France and International : commercial, personal and administrative assistant, founder of private sale network, export business developer,  responsible for client, partner and institutional relationship,  international exhibition and market research organisation, french/english/french translator.

Many expatriations : Europe, Middle East, Asia. 


la solution de communication digitale des TPE


Trouvez des clients par internet avec le bon outil, la bonne méthode et le bon suivi.